Apollo Dirt Bike Reviews of 2018 & Buying Guide

Apollo Vehicle is a manufacturer and distributer for off-road and other recreational vehicles; they also have their own research and development team, and sell e-scooters, ATVs, electric bikes, and off-road motorcycles, including dirt bikes.  Their facility stretches over an impressive 64,000 square foot lot in Zhejiang, China.

Their dirt bikes—the focus of this buyer’s guide—are designed and assembled on-site, which allows for a level of quality control many other companies simply don’t have.  Fighting a saturated market  (not to mention the negative reputation for imported bikes, garnered by cheap, two-bit operations that usually reside in China, as well), Apollo has managed to expand and make quite the name for themselves.  Their products are enjoyed the world over, and touted for reliable quality and cutting-edge designs that meet riders’ needs in a way few companies can.

Our buyer’s guide will look a little more in-depth at Apollo, and evaluate a few of the brand’s most popular dirt bikes on the market.

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Buyer’s Guide:

What is Apollo Vehicle?

Apollo Vehicle is a company that researches, develops, manufactures, and distributes a number of motorized and electric vehicles for off-road use.  In addition to dirt bikes and other off-road vehicles, they also produce e-scooters and e-bikes.

The company was founded in February, 2013, in an old factory in Wuyi, Zhejiang.  They began expanding quickly.  Today they produce 200,000 motorcycles and ATVs annually.

What makes Apollo different from other dirt bike companies?

Additionally, Apollo specializes in off-road vehicles—so their dirt bikes come from a different source of inspiration and understanding than big bicycle brands, which might produce no motorized or off-road vehicles other than a few dirt bike models.  

In other words, Apollo doesn’t try to do it all; they stick to the categories they know best.  It’s refreshing to see a company that doesn’t split their focus or spread themselves too thinly.

What’s their customer service like?

Apollo AGB-37 125cc Big Dirt Bike

Apollo AGB-37 125cc Big Dirt Bike

There are two contact forms on the company’s website: one for “Contact Us” that leads to a page with factory contact information, as well as a sales manager and five sales representatives.  

We aren’t sure if this page is intended for retailers rather than the general public; the page wasn’t entirely clear on that.

Next to the Contact Us link, however, is a “Contact Now” link.  This takes customers to a standard email form, but it’s specified for use by importers only—“end users,” which we take to mean the general public/individual customers, will not have product sold directly to them, and the form is not intended for their use .  

We tried writing a basic query anyway, but did not receive reply as of writing this buyer’s guide (3 business days).

While we didn’t try the sales representatives’ lines, we suspect—or hope, at least—customers would have better luck eliciting response via one of those avenues.  Most customers will probably receive quicker and more applicable answers by directly contacting the sellers/distributors that sell them their Apollo, rather than the brand itself.

Apollo DB-007 125cc Dirt Bike

Apollo DB-007 125cc Dirt Bike

All in all, the response from Apollo definitely leaves something to be desired.  We hope their sellers and distributors are screened carefully before Apollo takes them on, to ensure the middleman’s customer service is of a high standard.

Do they have great warranties and return policies?

This depends on the seller or distributor who sells you your bike.  Most feature a 1-year limited warranty, but buyers should research a seller carefully before purchase to make sure.

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I’ve never bought a dirt bike before.  What should I look for?

There are several factors that should play into your decision:

  • What kind of riding will you be doing: Enduro, motocross—trails?  Make sure the bike you choose can handle these kinds of surfaces.
  • Look at the maximum speed the bike is capable of reaching.  Is this fast enough for what you need/your preferences?
  • Fit.  Make sure the model you choose is meant for riders of your height (and weight), and that you can sit on it comfortably.  You should feel in control, stabilized, and be able to get on and off the bike with relative ease.
  • Customer reviews.Bottom line, every company is trying to sell their product—although some are more genuine and strive for higher standards than others.  Still: look at what other buyers are saying.  These opinions will be unbiased and, when looked at as a whole (rather than individually), can indicate a bike’s quality.

Apollo Dirt Bike Reviews

1. Apollo DB-007 125cc Dirt Bike Review

Apollo DB-007 125cc Dirt Bike

This 4-stroke dirt bike from Apollo runs on regular gasoline (unlike 2-stroke engines, which require a mixture of fuel and specialized oil), which makes it cheaper to run overall.  Its engine is air-cooled and reaches a maximum speed of 55 mph—perfect for motocross and trail riding.


  • Single-cylinder 4-stroke engine; 125cc.
  • 4 speeds, manual cluch.
  • Maximum speed of 55 mph, depending on road condition/activity.
  • Made of strong steel; bike weight is 148 lbs.
  • Available in black, blue, green, or red.


  • Some riders might not be accustomed to a manual transmission, and would do best with automatic instead.
  • Kick-start ignition isn’t some riders’ preference; can be hard to operate if stuck in mud, for example.

The DB-007 is an affordable option, built with a no-frills design and intended for high speeds.  The knobby tires are ideal for very rugged surfaces, especially for riders who ride in rainy weather and on slick or muddy terrain.

2. Apollo AGB-36 250cc Dirt Bike Review

Apollo AGB-36 250cc Dirt Bike


  • 4-stroke engine; 250cc.
  • Manual transmission.
  • Rear shock absorber is adjustable (DB-007 is not).
  • Weight capacity of 259 lbs.
  • 8L fuel tank, great for longer rides.


  • Only available in black.

We would say buyers might be disappointed at the lack of color options for the AGB-36, but with specs like these, it’s pretty likely you’ll be tearing this bike through dirt trails and muddy mountainsides—so who really cares about color?  The adjustable rear shock is a nice feature, as well, so riders can customize how much they feel (or don’t feel) the bumps and ruts along the way.

3. Apollo AGB-37 125cc Big Dirt Bike Review

Apollo AGB-37 125cc Big Dirt Bike

Another standard dirt bike for a fair price, the AGB-37 is basically the AGB-36’s slightly smaller brother.  It seems to pack the same power, though, and might be more affordable for buyer’s keen on a great bargain.


  • Single-cylinder engine; 4-stroke, 125cc.
  • Manual transmission.
  • Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes for reliable and responsive stopping power.
  • Maximum speed: 55 mph.
  • Affordable.


  • Not ideal for shorter riders (under 5’5”), though that’s up to preference.
  • Replacement parts much be shipped from China.

While you probably won’t win any big races on this bike, it’s a great vehicle for the price you’re paying.  The only potential drawback is its size, which tall riders will happily embrace—shorter riders, not so much.

To Conclude:

Apollo Vehicle Company is an interesting breed: they seem to do just about everything in-house…except selling directly to customers.  To be fair, many manufacturers follow this same business model; focusing on wholesale distribution has probably helped this company expand faster, and put more money into their research and development departments.

Overall, we think Apollo is a great brand.  Is it the best?  Probably not—but its prices are very affordable, and their bikes are solid.  We hope our buyer’s guide has been helpful in your search for an Apollo dirt bike.