Best Bike Saddle Bag of 2018

When it comes to kids and bikes, every parent’s greatest concern is safety.  While two might seem a little young for some kids to start riding, most experts agree it can be a valuable time to hone motor skills and confidence—and instill a lifelong love of biking and exercise.

There are plenty of options for kids at various skill levels, but narrowing these down can be frustrating in its own way.  Our buyer’s guide will answer some commonly asked questions parents have about toddlers and bikes, and evaluate some of our favorite picks for little ones.

Best Bike Saddle Bag Reviews

1. BV Bicycle Cycling Saddle Bag Review

Bike saddle bag is a perfect size that fits all your bicycles. The strap on design is secured and keeps the bag in one place for a longer time. It’s your choice, and you can adjust the size that you need for your vehicle.

The material is strong, and it is made up of impact resistance mesh to stay fine for a longer period. It also contains a reflective material a Velcro strap material to ensure the safety of your bike at night time. It has room for not only your water bottle but a lot more fits in very easily.

This bag is unique in the way that you can expand it when you have a lot of things to put in. The product is of great price and worth all the money.


  • Fixed in one place.
  • Makes sure to be in one place no matter the hurdles.
  • The reflective material is there for the biker’s safety.
  • Size is adjustable according to your needs.
  • The material is durable and highly strong.


  • Some bikers might not like the fact that it fits at the back of the seat, who prefer the front frame bags.

BV is the best bike saddle bag it has a lot to offer at the competitive price. It has a sturdy material and contains a lot of room for your essentials.

2. Avenir Seat Bag Bigmouth Velcro Review

Avenir Bigmouth seat bag is quite wide in size which has a full zip that makes it easier to put in things very easily. Space is large, and you can enter many accessories in it.

The fixing it to your bike mode is easier with the post attachment and the over rail strap. It is made up of nylon material which keeps it long lasting as well, and the bottom is of rubber that contains more durability.

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The rugged design on it makes it even better. The zipper part could is easily extended so if you need to add more things it is quite easy for you. Also, contains a reflecting light mounting tab with it. The price of this product is not much of what it has to offer.


  • Avenir saddle bag is safe and durable.
  • Weather resistant bag.
  • It is easily extended to fit in more items.
  • A rubber bottom makes it sustainable.


  • The price of this product is more than the other saddle bags in comparison with what it offers.

Avenir saddle bag is not worth the price, but it is good for its size as it extends and fits in a lot more stuff. The fixing of it on your bike is also easier.

3. BV Bicycle Cycling wedge Y-series Bag Review

The Y series strap on saddle bag has an easy to access bag; it contains a big zippered bag, so that is very accessible for the riders. The bag offers you a great place in which you can put all the belongings that you have either it is your phone or your any bikes accessory.

This bag comes in multiple sizes, so it is always easier for you to choose the one that suits you best. It provides you a safe ride by having a 3M ScotchliteTM reflective trim. The price of Y-series saddle bag is quite nominal and can be easily bought by anyone. Even kid’s bikes can have the extra small size to have their necessities into it.


  • Multiple sizes are available.
  • Fits almost anything that you need.
  • It provides you a safer ride by the reflective trim.
  • Fits in properly to the back of seat causing no problems.


  • A biker with a big bike shouldn’t purchase the small size.

Y-series has launched different sizes so anyone could buy the good products they have to offer. Just make sure which size suits you best. The reflective trim is what keeps you safe as well.

4. Ibera Bicycle Saddle Bag Review

This bag is of a triangle shape that fixes properly to your bag in an unusual way. The choice is yours either you take the medium size or large. There is a top zipper portion in which you can easily put up all the main stuff and then there is also a slim outside pocket in which you can either put money or any small accessory such as keys, wallet.

A good thing about this saddle bag is that it is easily reachable and minimizes the wind resistance and it will never be the way of your knees. The quality it is made up of is quite durable and will last long even if roughly used. It also includes a full 1-year warranty. The price group it belongs to is moderate, provides all the features within this limit.


  • Its triangle shape makes it unique, keeping it away from your legs.
  • The quality is quite good, long lasting.
  • Contains a slim outside pocket to use as well.
  • The product comes in different sizes.


  • This saddle bag fits a bike that has a fat pole at the front.

5. Amazon Basics Saddle Bag Review

A weather resistant saddle bag provides you the best in any weather; you don’t have to worry about whether it is raining outside or it’s sunny. This bag will stay just fine even if it gets mud around won’t affect the things inside. It comes in three different sizes for you to choose.

You can easily see the need for which you require this bag for and make your purchase accordingly. Wedge saddle bag contains Velcro connection; it easily attaches to the back of seat making no contact to you.

The reflective strip across the bag is provided for the safety, so other vehicles can see the bike. Also, contains a tail light loop just underneath. The price is very low, and it is one of the best saddle bags at such a low price.


  • Medium or large size fits all the things an adult biker would want.
  • Back seat connection makes no interruption with your knees.
  • A comfortable ride with this saddle bag.
  • Construction quality is better than some other saddle bags.


  • Smaller in size for the adult bikers to use if you buy the small size.

Amazon basic bags is a great item to buy if you are low in price and want to buy a good product. It has different sized, so you should buy the one that fits you perfectly.

6. BV Bicycle Inside mesh pocket Saddle Bag Review

BV bicycle strap on saddle bag is made up of sturdy material, and it is lightly weighted as well. It is adjusted well at the back of the seat making no interruptions at all.

It has reflective trims and a tail light strap which helps in having a safer ride throughout. This bag is much more suitable for adult bikes; it would mostly fit them all without making any adjustments. Space is much but less as compared to the other saddle bags.

You can only place your valuable items in it. Keys, wallets, and mobile phones, all these little accessories will fit perfectly. The price of this saddle bag is not fine according to the size it offers.


  • Right to hold small necessities, such as keys, cards, money and mobile phone.
  • It fits well under the seat.
  • Adjustable heights per your own need, and bikes structure.
  • Plastic kind of material, helps it being water resistant.


  • It is not waterproof; it is just water resistant.
  • The saddle bag is smaller in size as compared to other bags.

If you want to purchase a bag that accommodates the small things for your daily life. Then you should choose this saddle bag. The weather resistant review should be kept in mind too.

7. Bushwhacker Ketchum Bicycle Frame Bag Review

The saddle frame bag has its name because it attaches to your bike like a frame with four-point mounting systems. This bag has only one compartment that can fit in all the necessities you have to put in.

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Just like all another saddle bag this one also contains the reflective trim, this makes it good because it works dually as in increasing the visibility along with the bag to carry your things. The material of a bag matters a lot as it should be durable enough and easily used in all sorts of weathers, bushwhacker is made up of 600 denier polyester that keeps it safe from all sorts of weather.

The price limit of this bag is a bit high for what it has to offer. However, it is good for the material cost.


  • Durable for a longer ride on your bike.
  • Longer straps help in fitting on many different bikes.
  • The bikes’ reflective straps are present on both sides of the saddle bag.
  • Thin fabric, but it is strong.


  • Contains a single compartment to fit in all the things you have.
  • Might cause a bit of inconvenience.

Bushwhacker saddle bag is durable and long lasting. If you are looking for a single compartment, then this bag is the one for you. The strap length is a plus point as it can easily fit on all sorts of bikes, so you don’t have to worry if it fits or not.

8. Aero Wedge Pack Review

Aero wedge pack is one of the best bike saddle bags. It is strapped to the back of your seat keeping it all out of the main bike corner. It is easily strapped and easily buckled out whenever needed.

The best thing is that it is expandable, so it depends upon the things you have to put into it. Even the non-expandable form of this bag fits in a lot of stuff, but if you expand it, you can put double the things.

There are internal pockets as well, that will keep the different tools away from the internal pockets. The material used to make this back is even better than some of the other bags, it is 1000 denier nylon, well coated with water and stain resistance. The price of this bag is more than the other bags, but that is because it has more to offer as well.


  • It is easily expandable.
  • Weather resistant material.
  • Will contain no stains what so ever.
  • The material is expensive, that is worth the price.


  • Mostly for adult bikes.
  • Might not fit all the bikes.

It is a good purchase, but make sure it fits your bike because this saddle bag is a bit high in price. All worth it because of its weather resistant material.


The best bike saddle bags among all mentioned above is BV Bicycle Cycling Saddle Bag it is not only best because of the price it offers but also the material. Worth the money, a good rider would see it that it has many things to offer. The durable material and the weather resistant material is a plus point. The reflective trim if of very high quality which works well.