The Best Cheap Road Bikes Under $200 (Year 2018)

Road cycling is arguably the best sport for the people who prefer to keep themselves fit and to enjoy different sights and sound in the process. For your wonderful road experience, you also need to make sure that your bike runs smoothly and it is capable of giving you a comfortable experience throughout your trip.

There is a huge list of extraordinary bikes fully loaded with features that you can buy and enjoy your ride, but they also cost a lot. In this post, we will be focusing on best cheap bikes under $200. With our list you won’t have to give up on some of the essential specs that are must for a quality road cycling experience plus these choices will also not make a dent in your pocket.

The Best Cheap Road Bikes Under $200 Reviews

1. Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike Review

The Kabuto Single Speed Commuter Road Bike by Takara with rear Flip Flop hub that easily switched between freewheels or fixed gear. Its frame is tig-welded along with the fork.

The bike has 26-inch wheels that are equipped with alloy rims with alloy hub. These rims come in handy when you talk about durability and control over your ride. The suspension system at the front of the bike has a fork that provides better riding control. The bike is also equipped with side to pull alloy brakes.


  • The bike comes with a tig-welded frame made of steel for durability and improved maneuverability.
  • The front suspension fork provides better riding control.
  • It has rear flip flop hub that allows an easy switch between freewheels and fixed gear.


  • You might consider replacing the bottom bracket after 100 miles or so.
  • The geometry of the frame feels a bit odd in the first few days.

The Kabuto Bike by Takara is ideal if you are looking to ride on long straight paths with not many slopes. The overall performance is exceptional which makes it the best cheap road bike under your budget. You can ride on it in wet conditions as well without any issues, just avoid steep hills.

2. GMC Denali Road Bike Review


  • The tires are made for certain speeds.
  • The bike has an aluminum frame, which makes it very light.
  • It also features allow rims and allows brakes with 21-speed.
  • The bike offers some great features at very affordable rate.


  • The seat can be uncomfortable after frequent usage.
  • There is very little space between the pedals and the back of the front wheel.

GMC Denali is a great affordable bike if you look to go on weekends. It is lightweight, and you can carry it around as well. It comes with some basic essential features for your road biking.

3. Northwoods Springdale 21-Speed Hybrid Bicycle Review

Another one among the best cheap road bikes under your budget is this women commuter bike by Northwoods which provides a comfortable ride, and it also keeps the position of the back upright. It means that you can ride on it as long as you want and enjoy the scenes.

The bicycle has an aluminum frame and is handcrafted which makes it very light in weight and easy to carry around if needed. Due to its light weight feature, the bike comes with 21 speeds with a rear derailleur from Shimano Tourney.

The seat clamp is also quick to release, and the bike has linear pull brakes as well. There is a rack on the rear side along with fenders for easy carriage of items. The wheel size is 700 centimeters that offer good road grip as well.


  • The frame of the bicycle is made of aluminum which makes it lighter than most of the bikes in this price category.
  • It is a hybrid bike which means it can be used as an urban bike or as a commuter.
  • The bike has 21 speeds along with linear pull brakes for improved accelerations and stops.
  • The bike has fenders and rear carrier as well.


  • The assembling process of this bike can be a little tricky.
  • It lacks in some areas while delivering top quality, especially for this price.

The Springdale Hybrid Bicycle from Northwoods is an excellent purchase if you don’t overly emphasize on the quality aspect. The bike won’t break up in half and is quite sturdy. It is ideal for recreational purposes because it is a hybrid model.

4. Schwinn Sanctuary 26″ 7-Speed Cruiser Bicycle

The 7-speed Sanctuary Cruiser Bicycle from Schwinn has a more of a conventional look with its cruiser fork and frame. The bike has rear cargo rack and full fenders as well.

The Cruiser is equipped with SRAM twist shifters as well as Shimano 7-speed derailleur on the back side. The alloy rims are solid yet lightweight. The saddle is well padded for comfortable seating, and it also comes with springs for extra support mechanism.

The bike is equipped with coaster brakes; all in all, the bike is good if you like to cruise around. At this price range, this is a good buy because it delivers good overall performance. However, there have been a few complaints about this bike regarding the derailleur and the spokes. However, most of the customers are satisfied with this product especially if you are not looking for those road tricks.

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  • Some basic key features are all there which makes the bike a good purchase.
  • For the recreational riders, this bike will be a great option.
  • The Cruiser is equipped with 7-speed shifter and has a full metal frame which provides long term durability.
  • The bike also has a cargo rack at the back and offers very comfortable seating.


  • The steel frame makes the bike heavier.
  • The bike has some issues within its wheels working mechanism particularly in the spokes and the derailleur.

There are better options to choose from especially if you consider a few of its complaints regarding the spokes and derailleur. Overall the product provides good comfortable ride and is easy to assemble as well. However, there are better options available in the market in the similar price range.

5. Kent Bay Breeze 26″ 7-Speed Bicycle Review

The Bay Breeze Cruiser Bicycle from Kent has front and rear fenders, and it does offer a good room for storage as well both at the back and at the front. The cycle is equipped with linear brake system as well, and it has an aluminum frame.

Kent Bay Breeze is powered by 7-speed shifters equipped with Shimano gearing system. It is an excellent 26-inch cruiser bike that offers plenty of control to the rider along with a smooth experience.

Because of its aluminum make, the bike is very light weight. The seat is very comforting and keeps the back upright at all times. It allows you ride the bike as long as you want. As it is a cruiser, it is not ideal for hardcore cycling. However, the bike is designed to provide all the essential features to the user at a very comfortable price as well.


  • The bike offers excellent storage options with racks available both at the back and at the front.
  • Kent bay bike has the aluminum frame which makes it lighter.
  • The bike also has linear brakes for additional control.
  • The bike comes with 7-speed shifting option.


  • The Bay Breeze might be difficult for assembling for a few people because it does come with tools.

Again, like the previous one on this list, there are better options available in the market at this price range because the bike is not made for frequent use. It is not the type of bike that you can take out every day for a ride. Regular usage might cause performance issues.

6. Vilano R2 Road Bike Shimano Review

The R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike from Vilano is another model that comes with aluminum frame profile that is double butted and very light.

Moreover, the R2 is also equipped with 21 speeds as well as Shimano Drivetrain derailleur.  The bike is sturdy, and it is built for long term ruggedness plus it also has good looks which bring it into the list of the best cheap road bikes under your budget. The bike is affordable, and it does meet all the requirements for general use.


  • The bike is equipped with double walled CNC machined wheel set that comes along with quick release skewers.
  • It has double butted aluminum frame and comes with 21-speed Shimano Drivetrain shifters.
  • The wheels offer exceptional road grip and control to the rider.
  • The design provides excellent durability.


  • The tire tubes that come with the bike seem to lose air very quickly.
  • The front derailleur can be noisy at times.

7. GMC Denali Flat Bar Road Bike Review

Another good ride from GMC, Denali Flat Bar Road Bike again has an aluminum frame which makes it very lightweight. The Flat Bar is powered with 21-speed shifters equipped with Shimano gearing system.

The seat is very comforting and keeps the back upright at all times. It allows you ride the bike as long as you want. However, the bike is designed to provide all the essential features to the user at a very comfortable price as well.


  • The aluminum frame makes it lighter, and this contributes to speed.
  • The bike also comes with Shimano Revo shifts and derailleur for additional control.
  • It is equipped with 21-speed shifting option along with alloy rims and brakes.


  • The gear system is a bit flimsy as it makes clunky noise if you don’t get the combination right.
  • With frequent use, the rims might also become warped.

Again, like the previous one on this list from GMC, the bike is a good option at the offered price as it provides all the essential features that you need on your bike.

8. IDS Unyousual U 14 Road Bike Review

The Unyousual U14 from IDS has metal frames that are tightly welded and offer an excellent tensile strength which makes the bike durable.

Furthermore, the bike is equipped with Shimano 14-speed derailleur for quick gear shifts, and the steel cranks also come with chain guards.

The Unyousual U14 is equipped with alloy caliper brakes and brake lever. It enables the bike to make the list of the best cheap road bikes under your budget.


  • It is effortless to assemble.
  • The U14 features Shimano 14-speed derailleur for quick gear shifts.
  • It is an excellent bike and is very affordable too.
  • The bike provides an excellent smooth ride and plenty of strength.


  • The tire tubes might lose air, and you should consider replacing them at an earlier stage.
  • It requires frequent maintenance.

The bike is very sturdy, and it is designed to use on a regular basis. Overall it does deliver the value for money as it has all the essential characteristic of a road bike without bending your pockets.


Out of the best cheap road bikes under $200, the best turns out to be the Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike which checks all the boxes when you are looking for some essential features and exceptional performance. The bike is very affordable as well which makes it the top dog on this list.

The Takara Kabuto is built to perform, and it has all the features that a basic bike should have. Therefore, we highly recommend this bike, however; you can choose any one of these based on your preferences. All of these options are great in their terms.