The Best City Bike Under $1000 (Year 2018)

Nothing can deny the fact that bicycle is the treasure machine and most of us keep using it for a long time now. Although other modern vehicles have replaced it, however, some people know the importance of this tool.

Many companies are manufacturing it in bulk because of its demand they are receiving from you folks. Therefore, while your kids enjoy their childhood, you can also invest in a bike to begin your workout regimen.

The biking will not only help you to maintain your health but take you back to your childhood. So what are you planning now? Sit and have a look on the best city bike under $1000.

The Best City Bike Under $1000 Reviews 

1. Stowa Folding City bike V2 Review

In urban areas where there is little space for everything, this bike can be folded and compacted into a tiny space.

Moreover, it has a lot of different features which adds to the ease of the biker such as mud guards; build in the rack for keeping things and much more. Even when traveling on this bike can be easily folded and carried out with the luggage.

Its folding dimensions are 34 x 9 x 23.2in, and weight is 34.1 lbs. so it can be carried around easily. Keeping the urban environment in mind this bike is suitable for a transport means because of its durable folding mechanism.


  • 20” folding steel frame
  • It has a 6-speed grip shifter
  • The mud guards are also made up of steel for extra durability
  • Available in green and black color


  • Its replacement parts are not easily available.

Stowa bike folding bike is the best city bike under your budget. It is a great buy for anyone who is looking to buy a city bike that is economical as well as serves all other purposes of a city bike.

2. Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 Review


  • The tires are designed such a way that they are more reliable to shock absorption.
  • Its alloy frame provides strength and style.
  • Available in 5 colors, coral, cream, black, turquoise, and olive.
  • It is provided with multiple accessories such as a bell, kickstand and much more.
  • Back and front brakes are provided for full control over the ride.


  • The tires are wide, so it may not be suitable for people with short height.
  • It is light in weight and not suitable for heavy weight people.

This bike is the best choice when it comes to ladies or anyone who is looking for style as well as durability. This bike is great for serving all the purposes whether it is related to work, pleasure or health.

3. Xspec City Folding Bike Review

Xspec bike is also a commuting bike and can easily be folded to a small size to fit compact places. This bike is especially useful for students for their daily traveling.

Moreover, the bike is folded in under 15 seconds which saves the time and also eliminates the risk of stealing. It has a 20” steel folding frame with great tensile strength. The breaks are v shaped which helps in applying the brake easily and quickly. It comes with many accessories such as Front & Rear Fenders and Bike Rack.


  • The seat is adjustable to suit the need of the rider.
  • The 7-speed function allows you to ride the bike in high gear.
  • Approximately no assembly is needed.
  • The bike weighs only 31 pounds, easily carried around.
  • It can bear up to 220 pounds.


  • Instruction manual for assemblage is not provided.

Xspec city bike is best for the traveling within the city especially for people who have limited time to travel from place to place. It is easily folded within seconds, and its price is within range for those who are on a tight budget.

4. Critical Cycles City Commuter Bike Review

Critical cycle’s bike is specially designed for men living in an urban environment. This bike is light weight and can be folded and carried around easily. Moreover, it is very much similar to the critical cycles Beaumont -7 designed for ladies sharing many features.

A unique thing about this bike is that it has handmade steel frame it is equipped with Revo Shift grip which allows the rider to change gears without any effort when the bike is in full punch. Furthermore, its alloy stem, crank set, and double wall rims enhance its beauty and make it more appealing to men.


  • It is available in three colors; black, charcoal, chrome.
  • Its tires are resistant to the sloppy and uneven ground.
  • The tires are designed to have a strong grip in wet conditions.
  • 85% assembled when delivered.


  • The bracket assembly is not proper.
  • Seat size may need to be adjusted.

5. Fortified City Commuter Bike Review

It is a high-end fortified bike built keeping strength under consideration.  Furthermore, the most crucial feature of this bike is its anti-theft mechanism which has been stressed upon by the manufacturer and has received media coverage as well.

Various bolts on different places such as handle bars and wheels protect this bike from being stolen. It is built out of high-grade aluminum, which makes it lightweight yet strong. The tires are puncture free, and you do not have to think twice when going off the road onto rough terrain.

This bicycle provides ten speeds to the user, so you can steer and control this bike with ease. Retro reflective decals on the sides of this make it the best choice for use in the city. This means you can even take it out during the night time without worrying about visibility issues. Moreover, automobile drivers are bound to spot this bike from meters away, ensuring your safety.


  • This bike has a rugged design that makes it the best city bike under your budget
  • Features a well-designed Anti-theft system
  • Aluminum frame makes it lightweight
  • Puncture free tires mean you do not have to worry about Pebble, pieces of glass, nails and other sharp objects on city roads


  • Expensive as compared to other products

This bike is excellent for the city considering its ruggedness. You must go for this option and make your city ride smooth and effortless.

6. Vilano Women’s Classic City Bike Review

It is an excellent product and appears to be very sleek looking. This bike is designed for use by women in an urban landscape. The elegant design of this bike does not feature any ugly dangling cables for braking.

Instead, it uses coaster braking. Coaster braking is a system of braking that is solely controlled by your feet, and there is no need to move your hands every time you want to apply brakes. Moreover, the color of this bike is very vibrant and gives off a very refreshing vibe.

This single speed bike comes with mustache handlebars for an ergonomic, comfortable grip. It ensures that the hands do not hurt even after long periods of cycling. The classic steel frame ensures a smooth and swift ride. Furthermore, the steel frame also makes it a strong product which will not easily be damaged. On top of everything, platform pedals and a kickstand are included in the package free of cost.


  • Available in a bright and vibrant color
  • No cables for braking, coupled with a simple design give it a very sleek look which is best suited to women’s tastes
  • Mustache handlebars provide a comfortable grip
  • Platform pedals and kickstand included free of cost
  • Not very pricey


  • The performance will be compromised, as everything in this bike has been simplified for use by women
    Single speed

Overall, this bike is a very cheap option for women who want to move around in the city independently. It is the best city bike under your budget. It looks expensive but offers value for money.

7. IDS Home U Arc City Bike Review

IDS city bike is an excellent bike for the urban environment, as it can fold into a compact unit and you do not have to worry about its parking space. Even if you live in a small apartment, you can fold it to turn it into a compact form and then you can store it in one corner.

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Moreover, this bike has a strengthened steel frame and is also not very heavy. It features large 20” wheels, enabling it to tackle almost any terrain within the city. For your added safety, reflectors have been added so the bike can be spotted easily on the road during low light conditions.

It features semi-alloy front and rear V-brake. Other than all these marvelous features, it has a 6-speed transmission for your ease and features a comfortable vinyl saddle so that you might not get tired even after cycling for long distances.


  • Folds into a compact unit
  • Large 20” wheels
  • Offers six speeds
  • A strong steel frame for a rugged performance and greater durability


  • A bit pricey than rest of the lot

The main pro of this bike is the fact that it can be folded. The features like steel frame give it a greater durability to its buyers.

8. Pure City Dutch Style City Bike Review

These city bikes have been particularly designed for use in an urban environment. This bike is built using high tensile steel. It ensures a greater strength of the bike and a greater durability for long term use.

This bike has a chain guard protector to keep the grease away from your clothes. Moreover, the handlebars and the saddle are made using high-quality brown leather to give this bike a sleek and premium look. This bike has matching fenders and a silver bell.

For safety and use during the dark, this bike also features reflectors. The saddle of this bike is set upon high-quality springs. These ensure a comfortable ride for you by adjusting the saddle according to your position automatically. This bike includes 30mm strong and stylish alloy rims. All these features make it the best city bike under your budget.


  • High tensile frame made out of excellent quality steel
  • Grips and saddles made out of high-quality premium looking leather
  • Durable and tough, making it the best choice for an urban setting
  • Includes a warranty, unlike many other products on this list


  • Cannot be folded

It is an excellent bike for use in the city due to its durable high strength wheels and frames. This bike gives off a premium look due to its immaculate design. The only flaw of this bike is that it cannot be folded. However, considering its reasonable price and features, the only con of this product is trumped by all the pros.


On the whole, it is evident that various components convince the customers to buy the particular product of the brand. So far, this article summed up the entire list of best city bike under $1000 to let you know which bike you should choose to have safe and secure biking experience. In addition, considering the components of the material, size, weight, and height of the bike the winner of the contest is