Best Mountain Bikes Under $400 (Year 2018)

Mountain bikes have always been using for off-road riding. The characteristics of a mountain bicycle are somehow similar to that of other regular bikes but with some minor of differences.

Mountain bikes possess some extra durability and solidity so that it can survive in irregular and bumpy terrain.The other features include the large tires, more robust wheels,  and gear ratios are in a bit lower position that will be helpful for climbing. A full and frontal suspension is also a typical feature. Currently; there are many mountain bikes available in the markets that range from some hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

However, we have listed down the best mountain bikes under $400 that are modish, and modest right at the same time that will leave you stunned with their features.

Best Mountain Bikes Under $400 Reviews

1. Mongoose Impasse Bicycle Review

The product has built with the aluminum full suspension frame. The size of the bike is 29 inches. Moreover, the Mongoose has tried to deliver the best product at the lowest price, which everyone can afford.

The aluminum is for the durability of the bike and comfort of the rider. In addition, the product possesses all the decent features in its price range like having rear disk braking system and alloy frontal. The product also comes with the 21 speed with the Shimano rear derailleur, and for the changing gears, it also has the SRAM twist shifters.

Moreover, the comfortable alloy wheels are there that are very quick while releasing the front. Having all this feature in such a lower range of price is surely worth having a deal.


  • The product is highly affordable, and even every person can afford it.
  • The aluminum body is there to aid durability and comfort while riding.
  • The product also comes with the alloy front.
  • It also has the rear disk brakes.
  • There is nothing that you can not do with this mongoose mountain bike.


  • Breaks do not work well all the time; they sometimes do not operate at the spot.
  • The assembly can be difficult for some people.

It is a good deal to have. If you love to travel through hills and want to have some fun with your bike then you should invest and purchase this bike.

2. Schwinn Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike Review

This bike is for those that want to use it on the single road or want to use it on occasion down track hills. This mountain bike comes with an aluminum frame that has dual suspension.

The product is not heavy and light weight as well.  The product also has the promax front brakes that respond to a great extent. It also comes with the three piece crank, and the alloy rims are double walled. The product also has some other amazing features like 24-speed Shimano EZ-Fire trigger shifter, and there is also the Shimano rear derailleur for smooth riding.

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The product possesses all the quality features for a mountain biker. It has some excellent features in its price range, and you may call it as one of the best bikes under your budget.


  • The product is light weight and able to bear all bumps and nuts on every road.
  • The bike will give you a stable ride due to its ultra-stable design.
  • It has knobby mountain tires specialized for the rough tracks.
  • It has V.brak that is capable of stopping your bike in every condition.


  • The product is expensive than its alternatives in the market.
  • The front derailleur sometimes does not respond at the spot.

The product is good enough. Moreover, it comes with some essential features that are required for the mountain bikers and will give you above average performance.

3. Kent Thruster KZ2600 Mountain Bike Review

It is an economical choice for the people that do not want to invest much on their mountain bike but has all the decent functions that are for sure enough for the pleasant ride.

It has 26 inches full suspension bike made with the aluminum MTB frame. The product has typical features like the alloy rims that are durable and reliable for the rough riding tracks. In addition, the product also possesses with the Shimano 21 Speed Shifters and the Tourney Derailleur that are very rare.

Moreover, the product has an average 26 inches size. The product does not require any tight or difficult assembly, and most importantly it is a great dealing in its price range.


  • The product is affordable, and you can easily buy it.
  • The product has suspension fork 65 mm.
  • It is light weight and a portable mountain bike.
  • The product comes with the high-flange alloy hubs. Moreover, it also has v.shaped brakes.
  • The bike is simple, beautiful and reasonably comfortable for the ride.


  • The product has some issues regarding its infrastructure.
  • It does not come with the durable and reliable material.

Upon comparing the price with the features, it is not a bad deal. Investing in Kent Mountain bike will surely make your adventurous ride a fun.

4. Merax Finish Mg Alloy Mountain Bike Review

This mountain bike is a top rated and always give positive vibes to the rider, and it can certainly be one of the best mountain bikes under your budget. The bikes come with 85% of complete assembly you only require to assemble the remaining 15%.

Furthermore, the product is reliable and equipped with the latest design and has everything that makes you ride more comfortable and pleasing. The bike comes with the magnesium alloy wheels, and lock out option with the mountain suspension bike for providing more stability and control to your bike.

Moreover, it has the Front and Rear Mechanical Disc Brakes that can stop your bike instantly. The product frame is made up with the Heat Treated Aluminum 6061 Mountain that adds extra solidity and durability to the mountain bicycle.


  • The bike has magnesium alloy rims that are comparatively light weight and can run smoothly on sleek roads.
  • This mountain bike has Heat Treated Aluminum 6061 Mountain that will give your bike more firmness and compactness.
  • The product has the unique feature, and that is mechanical lockout option for your bike.
  • It is an affordable as well as reliable choice.


  • The steering of the bicycle is bit stiff.
  • The seat of the product is not comfortable a person gets quickly tired whenever he/she sits in it for a longer time.

5. Merax Finish 21 Speed Mountain Bike Review

The bike is 26 inches has double aluminum wall alloy rims, this will help in fast paddling and scrolling of the motorcycle. It is very light weight and made with the aluminum mountain frame that seems to be unbreakable.

Moreover, the product is great in its price range and has some unique and great features for the ultimate satisfaction of the mountain bicycle rider. The product comes with the front and rear mechanical disc brakes that respond quickly at the time of need.  

This mountain has also equipped with the Shimano 21-speed Derailleurs and Shifters that add more reliability in shifting it. Moreover, the product does not require any difficult assembly. The stylish bike with some reasonably decent features is the great combination and will push you for the purchase.


  • The product has an excellent and stylish design.
  • The price is not high by its features.
  • Suspension Fork 80mm Travel that is there for providing you bump free ride and also increase your control.
  • The mountain bike will give you the smooth riding, and it has good built in quality.


  • The bike may have some durability issues.
  • The bike is not the advanced riders.

The product comes with reasonable features with minimal drawbacks that are acceptable in this price range. Buying this bike won’t be a disappointing deal, and it can be effective if you are in the learning phase of the mountain riding.

6. Kent T-29 Thruster Mountain Bike Review

The bike is lightweight, and one can easily ride it. The frame is made up of the heat treated aluminum that obviously do the extra job, and that is making your bike more firm.

It looks and feels great as it has incorporated with some great features like TZ31 Derailleurs and RS25 Shifters that are there to ensure the proper drivetrain. In addition, the mountain bike has the 170mm crank set with 48, 38, 28 tooth rings to add more firmness and solidity to your ride.

The product also comes with the 29” x 2.1” knobby tires that are even capable of running smoothly on rough roads.  It also has the 29 inches alloy wheels that aid more fragility in the proper running of your mountain bike. When you compare the value to its price, it is worth having a deal.


  • The product is cheap, and you can afford it easily.
  • It is stylish and light weight bike
  • Heat treated aluminum make your bike even more sturdy and firm.
  • The assembly of the product is easy.


  • The built in quality of this mountain bike is not okay.
  • The seat is not comfortable and can easily break.

7. Gravity FSX Mountain Bike Review

The gravity mountain bike is a renowned bike due to t its extra ordinary features and great comfort they always provide to their customers. ​

Furthermore, the bike is made up with the aluminum frame and has the disk brakes front and rear. It also comes with the Shimano Shifters that are very easy to use. The rims are strong enough and made with the double coated material.

Wheels are quick to release and easy to handle. The product has the dual suspension option. The quality of the product is excellent it comes at the lowest possible value with some great features. Moreover, it is equally beneficial for the entry level rider to a professional.


  • It is a highly durable product.
  • The product has the double wall rims that help in its sturdiness.
  • The bike is highly affordable.
  • It has great built in quality.
  • The design of the bike is unique and beautiful.


  • It is a bit hard to assemble.
  • The steering is a little bit stiff.

The manufacturer and the user claim this bike to be one of the best mountain bikes under your budget, and it worths the money. Moreover, buying this product will lead you towards the highest satisfying post purchase experience.

8. Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Mountain Bike Review

The product is great as an entry level mountain bike. It comes with some decent features as its frame has high tensility as it has constructed with the steel. The suspension fork is there that helps in stable riding and absorbs all the bumps.

The breaks are like regular brakes and linear and work whenever you require stopping your bike. Moreover, it comes with the 7-Speed drivetrain that provides you with the full range of ear range.

The product design is beautiful and simple and comes at a very reasonable price. Furthermore, it is a great looking bike equipped with decent function, and it pushes you toward having this deal.


  • It has a beautiful and elegant design and comes with great color combination.
  • The aluminum frame will add more solidity and firmness to the bike.
  • It is an economical choice.
  • The product is highly durable and will always give you a smooth ride.


  • The assembly is confusing.
  • The product is bit heavier, and kids cannot handle it.

This mountain bike is a good deal to have. When you compare it to its substitute products, then you will analyze it has fewer features, but the price is right under your budget.

Wrap up:

The purpose of this buying guide is to help people in making the better purchasing decision about mountain bikes. In addition, the comprehensive review for each of the product has given, and it will be helpful for you buying in one of the best mountain bikes under $400. In this article, we have defined the basics of the mountain bike and selected the top trending and the best mountain bikes under $400.

Furthermore, investing in Mongoose Impasse Bicycle will be great as it has everything the best mountain biker can want like magnesium wheel, lock option extra durable design and stylish design.