Best Road Bikes Under $2000 (Year 2018)

Nothing can deny the fact that bicycle is the treasure machine and most of us keep using it for a long time now. Although other modern vehicles have replaced it, however, some people know the importance of this tool.

Many companies are manufacturing it in bulk because of its demand they are receiving from you folks. Therefore, while your kids enjoy their childhood, you can also invest in a bike to begin your workout regimen.

The biking will not only help you to maintain your health but take you back to your childhood. So what are you planning now? Sit and have a look on the best road bike under $2000.

Best Road Bikes Under $2000 Reviews

1. Schwinn Phocus 1600 men's Road Bike Review

Schwinn is the brand which you can find accessible globally, for making giant bikes. The Schwinn Phocus show up with the bike models mainly focusing men regarding power and strength.

Moreover, the model of the Schwinn Company wrapped with breathtaking features that will make you eager for it. Beginning with its frame; made of aluminum with the carbon fiber for maximum support.

The Phocus 1600 men’s road bike is featuring a 700cc pair of wheels along with the high-quality alloys rims and paired spokes. If we talk about its brakes, there are Promax alloy caliper brakes for top breaking ability.

The material used in cranks is also alloy from SR Suntour, assemble broad gear range. The dimensions of this bike are 67x18x37 inches; 35 pounds. The price range is under your budget and not something that one cannot afford.


  • It arrives almost ready to ride so hardly require less than hour to complete assembling.
  • The Schwinn Phocus 700 cc comprises of spring saddle to ensure comfort during a ride on an uneven surface.
  • The bike has designed with a suitable speed for riding on various terrains.
  • It is light in weight.


  • You can find it only in limited sizes.
  • The pedal of this bicycle is of poor quality.
  • The switch of this product has no gear indicator.

Considering its features from frame to the rims it is not a bad selection for the people initiating cycling as a hobby.

2. Tommaso Imola Compact Aluminum Road Bike Review

Summers call for the outdoor activities and for shedding your extra pounds.   Therefore, you need to look for the bike manufacturer that can fulfill your requirements.

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So far, Tommaso is up for providing your type of bicycle. The frame of this tool has prepared of the aluminum accompanying with the steel fork for longevity. On the other hand, there are 12x25T Claris cassettes, Shimano Claris Group set.

The bike comes up with the adjustable handlers, and the geometry is ideal for a well-balanced riding experience. You can see the Shimano Claris Triple Crank set on the anterior side and a 12×25 cassette on the posterior side.

It has equipped with 700x23c Kenda tires with a triple chain ring for the support on the high-speed level. It is not an expensive bike.


  • The pivot brakes are easy to join to allow you stop the bike without using more energy.
  • It comprises of ergonomic design for the access all principal components like tires and brakes.
  • The Tommaso Imola bike offers you five different sizes, therefore, choose it accordingly.
  • You do not have to worry about its frame durability as it contains corrosion resistant body.


  • There is the absence of assembling directions manually, and without it, you may not assemble it; it asks for a professional for its assembling.
  • You will have to purchase pedals separately; the brakes lack in the package.

The Tommaso Imola bike is the best road bike under budget for those who consider both price and weigh down.

3. Schwinn Women's Phocus 700 Road Bicycle Review

The Schwinn Company, unlike others, appears on the screen with the thought: Why can’t women have all that fun?

Therefore, they have introduced Women’s Phocus 700 road bicycle with a touch of some new specifications. Similar to the men’s version of this bike, the frame has built of aluminum and a fiber fork of carbon.

Other than this, the new release contains Shimano 14 speed drive train fused with the brake levers. The cost of the entire bike is easy in the pocket.


  • It is the right option for a different range of heights.
  • The women’s bike has made light of weight but could be lighter.
  • Super fun to unite its parts.


  • Some of the women may find the seat harder.
  • There is only a hole for holding water bottle

Keeping all the features in mind, regarding quality and affordability this bike is a must have for all the women out there.

4. Tommaso Forcella Compact Road Bike Review

Tommaso is busy in the production of excellent quality road bikes since 30 years. Most of you might know this name before and how they have maintained their product’s quality.

Another Tommaso bike has a light frame attached to the carbon fork. In addition, other components of Forcella small road bike that need to consider are shifters with a 12×25 cassette and Shimano Clari’s derailleurs.

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To go with a smooth speed, it contains TC 30 wheel set which is aerodynamic. It also accompanies with 20 fronts and 24 rears spokes. Tommaso Forcella bike is more expensive than Imola compact bike.


  • It is the best road bike under your budget because it proffers unique design with the drive train.
  • It is the sturdy bike and probably your long term friend.
  • All of the components are of high profile


  • The gears of the bike sometimes may damage.
  • It is on a pricey side.

Apart from its pricing, there is nothing that can disturb you. You can get more options in this amount.

5. Vilano Forza Tiagra Road Bike Review

Vilano is a road bike assembler for daily commuting and racing purposes. The brand does not skimp on features and standard. It fuses a contemporary look which is alluring and gives comfortable riding encounter.

The frame is the main thing that most of you observe it foremost, therefore; this Vilano Forza road bike possesses a structure that is impressive though. The 6061 butted dual aluminum frame is filmy and remains stable similar to the robust bikes. There is thread less head set for a proficient grip.

The Forza 2.0 also features drive rain Shimano elements and a 9-speed bike with graceful swiftness. You may feel the gears are quick in action and Shimano STI shifters retaliate quickly than other road bikes. The cables of brakes and gears have tucked up carefully by Vilano. The price is quietly reasonable against such specifications.


  • The design of Vilano Forza is sleek and fascinating.
  • The components of this bike, in particular, the Shimano drive train are more than durable.
  • Its tires provide low rolling resistance capability with more traction.
  • You can be satisfied with the fork in this amount.


  • The shifters could construct with more firmness.
  • Its wheels need tuning and maintenance.
  • The saddle is not cushiony, and you may feel tired even after a short ride.

Well, bearing all the facts of this Forza 2.0 it may seem appropriate for people looking the best road bike under your budget, however, not for quality seekers.

6. Tommaso Sterrata Adventure Road Bike Review

For rendering you exploration and freedom, Tommaso is here with the new genre of bike. It named as Tommaso Sterrata adventure road bike along with the heavy duty, versatile bike.

It has engineered smartly to compete with several different road bikes brands. The 6061 SLA Aluminum road frame which is compact road frame and as usual the carbon fork for a reliable ride.

Moreover, for all varieties of racks, the frame has drilled to make the Sterrata supreme for trail riding. Like any road bike, it also contains Shimano group set but 30 TC wheels too. An ultra-light handlers and seat post is on the bike. The weight of this bike is 35 pounds and size of 5.2”-5.6”.

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  • It gives you complete comfort because of the compact frame geometry.
  • Each part of this Tommaso Sterrata bike has built up for the provision of efficiency.
  • The bike ensures that you can enjoy in each ride no matter if it is 100 mile or 1000 miles.
  • It has high stopping power in wet conditions.
  • Pedals are composite flat for a smooth ride.


  • The price is a bit higher if you compare it with other brands.
  • You may not assemble it on your own because of the fact it requires professional assembly. It is better to call professional for that.

When it comes to the frame and geometry, it is appealing, but many of you will find it dull on their budget.

7. Cyrusher Xc700 Road Bicycle Review

People who are looking for the best road bike under their budget then they should not forget to consider Cyrusher brand. It is a high fashion road bike that attributes to 100% aluminum alloy frame and contains 2300 Shimano shift lever.

Besides these features, it has got 14-speed shift system along with the double disc brake facility. The Crusher machete black frame is about 54 cm and 1.9 inches anti-slip and wears resistant tires that will help in traction.

Another feature that excites you is its hub of 32 H accompanies with x bearing for a quicker release. It has used alloy material in the fork and handlebars. The height of package is 2.99 x 28.5 x 52.99 inches. Further, the weight is 18.5 pounds. It is an expensive bike but worth the money.


  • The Crusher xc700 road bike is sturdy and durable.
  • You can use take this bike anywhere quickly; it is foldable.
  • It has got some powerful braking system; this gives efficient control and stoppage.
  • There is shock absorption seat that can also adjust.


  • You may feel it bulky when folded
  • The price of this one is higher.

The Cyrusher is providing the high-quality bike so you should not miss the opportunity and get one for you now.


On the whole, it is evident that various components convince the customers to buy the particular product of the brand. So far, this article summed up the entire list of best road bike under $2000 to let you know which bike you should choose to have safe and secure biking experience.

In addition, considering the components of the material, size, weight, and height of the bike the winner of the contest is SCHWINN PHOCUS 1600 MEN’S ROAD BIKE. Firstly because it differs from others in a way it has a carbon-fiber frame that no other brands contain. Secondly, the braking system is unique as well.

It is to keep in view that quality does not come at a low price, this bike is bit pricey but worth the money. So we have given our verdict, now it is the time to buy your bike now.