Best Road Bikes Under $500 (Year 2018)

Are you looking for the proper and comfortable bikes for the road at an affordable price? The most fantastic road bike is the one that is comfortable, durable and reliable with excellent features.

Even riding a road bike is a perfect exercise for everyone that keeps you fit and healthy. There are many road bikes with various advancements and features and with different prices. Every individual has different opinions and choices when it comes to buying the best road bikes under $500.

There are many road bikes for beginners, intermediate and experts; it depends on your choice and desire. Some of the road bikes are made for high speed and acceleration, especially for the racers. Some of the bikes are simple with a controlled brake system that can be used easily by the beginners.

Best Road Bikes Under $500 Reviews

1. Takara Kabuto Road Bike Review

The Takara Kabuto bike is significantly designed with simplicity and high-level quality. This road bike comes with surprising features at an economical price.

So, if you are searching for best road bikes under your budget, it can be the one that won’t disappoint your expectations. The bike is known for its high quality, with a simple and elegant design that boosts up your riding experience by its high-end performance.

Even, it is very comfortable, lightweight and most of all durable so that you can enjoy this bike for years with no maintenance. It is easy to setup and ready to use in minutes.


  • It provides an excellent and smooth ride even on a bumpy road.
  • It increases the value of your experience at such an affordable price.
  • The bike is designed and manufactured with robust and durable steel that makes it firm.
  • It is easy to use and can be perfect for beginners to learn using them.
  • It makes the overall experience even more amazing by its ultra-powered and easy to control brakes.


  • It can be uncomfortable for long bike riding especially if the road is bumpy.

You can buy this road bike because of its excellent features, and it’s simple and elegant design that is most suitable for beginners and intermediate in such an affordable price.

2. Vilano Aluminum Road Bike Review

It is one of the beginner road bikes by the Shimano that has manufactured this bike with the features of expensive road bikes so that the beginners can enjoy their rides with a unique and enjoyable experience. By the excellent manufacturing with aluminum, still, the bike is light weight and sturdy to prevent the vibrations caused by the bumps on the road.

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Now, you can enjoy your favorite bike ride with extra features at an economical price. If you are a beginner, then don’t worry at all, as the handling of this road bike is easy and comfortable. The bike comes with an excellent condition which will attract its viewers, so why don’t just show off a little. You can now carry your water bottle with you to the small space in the road bike.


  • The handle bar is covered with pads that make it comfortable.
  • It is easy to use and learn as a beginner.
  • The bike is made of high-quality aluminum that makes the condition of it 10/10.
  • The bike has a comfortable seat that makes your experience of bike riding even more valuable and amazing.
  • It is light weight, durable and comes with a warranty.
  • The bike has some extra space that you can occupy with a water bottle for your use during bike riding.


  • The brakes are hard that makes it tough to handle in some cases.
  • Tires don’t have a good quality.

The overall experience of this bike can be great, so you can buy this product if you are looking for the best bikes under your budget that can be durable and long lasting. Its reliable performance and light weight make it valuable in the eyes of customers.

3. GMC Denali Road Bike Review

If you are looking for a great experience of bike riding with an economical price then here we have the GMC Denali road bike that offers quality and durability for those who seek exceptional results and experience in bike riding.

The GMC Denali is already famous around the world in the making of these excellent road bikes one can imagine having. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or a beginner, this could be your thing for enjoying a new experience of road bikes with the latest manufacturing of GMC Denali.


  • It includes the water bottle holder for your ease and comfort.
  • The bike has a beautiful style and great appearance that can attract the viewers.
  • It comes with an affordable price so everyone can enjoy the happiness of having an excellent and best road bikes under their budget.


  • The wheels are not of good quality for long-term use.

GMC Denali bike offers the best value for money. The bike features a water bottle holder and it’s sleek and beautiful will impress your mates surely. It is a perfect bike for both beginner and expert.

4. Aluminum Road Bike Shimano Review

The new aluminum road bike by Shimano is known for its sturdy construction and modern design that will automatically grasp the attention of its seekers. It is known as the best road bike under your budget for making your road riding experience comfortable, enjoyable and memorable.

The aluminum makes the bike structure and frames sturdy and firm so, you can easily pass through the bumpy roads or streets quickly without any issue. Even due to this quality manufacturing, one can easily utilize this bike for years.

What could be more amazing and better than to have a classic and modern road bike with so many features and a robust frame at such a low price that can be afforded by everyone?

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  • It comes with a great and affordable price.
  • It is simple, elegant and modern in design that is easy to assemble.
  • The road bike is light in weight with smooth shifting and comfortable seating.


  • The tires are not of high quality so they can be damaged more easily in case of a bumpy road.
  • The seat of the bike is uncomfortable which will make you tired in less time.

For those who are looking for a sturdy and durable bike with the latest features, must buy this bike with the manufacturing of high-quality aluminum at such an affordable price.

5. Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bike Review

It can be used as a learning road bike for the beginners and even the experts for fast road racing. Schwinn is one of the old road bike manufacturers that are distributed all around the world because of their excellent design and features that cater the need of every individual for making their road rides enjoyable and memorable.

The Schwinn Men’s bicycle is unique and compatible for racing as it is specifically designed by keeping in mind speed and acceleration. By the lock system, you can lock your bikes and protect them from thieves.

Other than it comes in a box, in which the whole frame of the bicycle is easy to assemble and then use. For assembling, the whole bike, it would hardly take some minutes. So, you will be able to experience this road bike without any wait.


  • It looks heavy, but it is lighter than you can expect.
  • The bike comes with excellent speed for racing.
  • It is easy to assemble and use within minutes.
  • It also has a lock system for the protection of your bikes.


  • The brakes can be difficult to handle sometimes so that it can be tough for the beginners.

If you ever wanted a road bike with high speed and acceleration than you must buy this product. It is available at an affordable price and comes with a warranty as well.

6. Takara Sugiyama Bike Review

The Takara Sugiyama fixie bike is so simple and elegant with no difficulty and complex advancements. Everyone can enjoy the excellent features and simple usage of this bike.

It has an incredibly smooth ride with a comfortable seat. Don’t get worried because you can buy this best road bike under your budget. Even those who are studying in colleges can buy from their own pocket money.

The primary goal of this road bike company is to make bikes with the latest features that are mostly in the expensive and latest road bikes that are not easy to afford by everyone. So, the Takara Sugiyama has made road bikes with some expert features at affordable prices so that everyone can enjoy the ultimate experience of a real road bike.


  • The frame and the construction of the bike are made of steel that makes it durable and useful for long-term usage.
  • It comes with different color combinations so you can choose your favorite one.
  • It provides a comfortable and smooth ride.
  • Excellent and superior brake system for the beginners, intermediate and experts.


  • The tubes of the bike are not of high quality so they can get burst in daily use.

7. Vilano Shadow Road Bike Review

The Vilano Shadow road bike by Shimano is known for its excellent quality that reduces the vibrations of the bike caused by the bumps in the road. It is available in different sizes for every individual.

Even with its sturdy look, it is so light in weight that you can’t imagine.  The best of all is that you can enjoy these and many other qualities of this road bike in such an economical and affordable price.

It is quick to assemble and easy to use. For the assembling of this road bike, you don’t need another hand.


  • It is durable for long lasting use.
  • Because of the light weight of this bike, it is so easy to use.
  • It is affordable for everyone.


  • The seat of this bike is not comfortable as the padded seater is small and narrow.

You must buy this product if you are looking for a new road bike at an affordable price. One thing more about Vilano bike, it is durable. Therefore, its part won’t need a replacement for a long time.

8. Giordano Rapido Road Bike Review

For those who seek fun and speed in a road bike, the Giordano Rapido single speed road bike comes with so many features and advancements to cater the needs of every individual.

The high speed and acceleration of the bike make it different than others. By the secure brakes system, one can easily control the speed of the bike. So, why don’t buy this fantastic bike for showing off the friends and making your daily road biking experience enjoyable and memorable?


  • You can easily control the speed by the secure braking system of the Giordano Rapido single speed road bike.
  • It is durable for long term use besides being light weight.
  • It is easy to construct and use for beginners and experts.


  • The overall quality of the Giordano Rapido single speed road bike seems to be a little low than other road bikes for the same price.

If you are looking for a quick and high accelerated road bike, then this is your thing. Buy your Giordano bike now for having a race experience with your friends.


So, this was our top 8 road bike list that is affordable and comes with the latest and amazing features that can be enjoyed by everyone. If you ask us for a suggestion then we recommend Takara Kabuto Road Bike that is just incredible. It is a masterpiece and speaks for itself.

Everyone will get attracted towards your new road bike in a glance. Even you will be amazed to experience the excellent and high-quality performance with one of the best road bikes under $500. Buy it to fulfill your desire and enjoy the best experience of road biking.