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7 Easy Steps to Tighten a Bike Chain

The chain on your bike helps to transfer your pedaling movements to wheel traction. Without it, your bike would practically stall. The efficiency of your bike largely depends on the condition of its chain. If it’s too tight, it results in increased friction, and you need more effort to move the pedals. If too much […]

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The Best City Bike Under $1000 (Year 2018)

Nothing can deny the fact that bicycle is the treasure machine and most of us keep using it for a long time now. Although other modern vehicles have replaced it, however, some people know the importance of this tool.Many companies are manufacturing it in bulk because of its demand they are receiving from you folks. […]

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Retrospec Bike Review of 2018 & Buying Guide

A company with all-American roots, Retrospec Cycles was founded in 2009 by cyclists who wanted to bring affordable yet high-quality bikes to the industry, especially when it comes to fixed-gear options.  Founded in Los Angeles, the company designs, manufactures, and ships from its central location.  Their designs use tested, brand name components, and their frames are […]

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Best Fixed Gear Bikes of 2018 & Buying Guide

For the last few years, fixed-gear bikes have risen in popularity faster than ever before.  For a while they were only used by bike couriers, who used the design to maximize speed and wind through dense city traffic with ease.  The recent “hipster” revolution revitalized this category, though, and has since brought fixed-gears back into the mainstream. […]

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Best Single Speed Bikes of 2018 & Buying Guide

You probably encounter single-speed bikes every day, but unless you actually ride one, you might not even notice them: BMX bikes, commuter bikes, and kids’ bikes are all bikes with just one speed.  They can be fixed-gear, as well, but don’t have to be.Single-speeds are increasing in popularity with commuters and casual riders alike, thanks […]

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Best City Bike Under $500 (Year 2018)

City bikes are bicycles meant specifically for daily traveling in cities.  Its comfortable design means it’s not ideal for speed or navigation, but can accommodate level terrains in many types of weather—as well as riders of different body types, abilities, and choices of clothing.Handlebars are often curved instead of straight, and elevated so riders can […]

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