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7 Easy Steps to Tighten a Bike Chain

The chain on your bike helps to transfer your pedaling movements to wheel traction. Without it, your bike would practically stall. The efficiency of your bike largely depends on the condition of its chain. If it’s too tight, it results in increased friction, and you need more effort to move the pedals. If too much […]

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Best Mountain Bikes Under $400 (Year 2018)

Mountain bikes have always been using for off-road riding. The characteristics of a mountain bicycle are somehow similar to that of other regular bikes but with some minor of differences.Mountain bikes possess some extra durability and solidity so that it can survive in irregular and bumpy terrain.The other features include the large tires, more robust […]

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Best Mountain Bikes Under $500 (Year 2018)

The wildly popular sport of mountain biking might be owed, in part, to how versatile it is: whether riders prefer rough and muddy mountainsides, quiet park trails, or any number of activities in between, mountain bikes can help make it happen.  Another selling point is how easy it is to start mountain biking, no matter […]

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Best Mountain Bike Under $300 (Year 2018)

Mountain biking is a popular and versatile recreational activity for individuals from all walks (or rides) of life.  Best of all, other than the cost of the bike and safety equipment, biking is free!  Trails and courses can be accessed at no charge all over the country, from local suburban parks to large national ones.  Even […]

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Best Mountain Bike Under $200 (Year 2018)

Mountain biking is a versatile sport and leisure activity, and one that’s rapidly growing in popularity: in the United States, over 40 million people engage in some form of it annually.  It’s been on a steady up-and-up since 2001, and shows no signs of slowing.The best part about this sport?  It’s pretty much free to […]

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