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7 Easy Steps to Tighten a Bike Chain

The chain on your bike helps to transfer your pedaling movements to wheel traction. Without it, your bike would practically stall. The efficiency of your bike largely depends on the condition of its chain. If it’s too tight, it results in increased friction, and you need more effort to move the pedals. If too much […]

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Best Road Bikes Under $2000 (Year 2018)

Nothing can deny the fact that bicycle is the treasure machine and most of us keep using it for a long time now. Although other modern vehicles have replaced it, however, some people know the importance of this tool. Many companies are manufacturing it in bulk because of its demand they are receiving from you […]

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The Best Cheap Road Bikes Under $200 (Year 2018)

Road cycling is arguably the best sport for the people who prefer to keep themselves fit and to enjoy different sights and sound in the process. For your wonderful road experience, you also need to make sure that your bike runs smoothly and it is capable of giving you a comfortable experience throughout your trip.There […]

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Best Road Bikes Under $500 (Year 2018)

Are you looking for the proper and comfortable bikes for the road at an affordable price? The most fantastic road bike is the one that is comfortable, durable and reliable with excellent features. Even riding a road bike is a perfect exercise for everyone that keeps you fit and healthy. There are many road bikes […]

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Best Road Bikes Under $1000 (Year 2018)

The agile, sleek designs of road bikes lend themselves to speed and performance, and are heavily preferred over other bike types for athletic training, racing, and general fitness.  Road bikes are instantly recognizable due to their dropped handlebars, which force a rider to lean forward in a more aerodynamic position than if they were sitting […]

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