How far did i ride my bike?

When I was young, my parents sent me and my brother to live with my aunt in another region. I was in the third grade at that time, and I could not understand why they felt like they had to send us away. My aunt had four children who were much older than me ( they loved to boss us around!), and were not interested in making us feel like we belonged. In short, they treated us like outcasts, unwanted refugees that were only taken in by their family out of convenience ( My parents kept sending them money for our board and lodging), and not out of love.


There were no cellphones at that time, and If I wanted to talk to my parents, I would have to ask my aunt to accompany me to the provincial office of the Telephone Company where I could make a long distance call. These calls were really expensive, and if there wasn’t any real emergency, my request would more often than not, be denied.This was one of the reasons why I was withdrawn from them and from the rest of society. I felt like my world had fallen apart. If a child were to be given an option to live in luxury but to be away from the people he loved, he would probably choose to stay with his loved ones no matter the consequences, even if it meant that he would sleep in a bed made of thorns.


One day, as I arrived from school, I was surprised to see a bike beside my bed. I asked my cousins where the bike came from? Oblivious to my feelings, they told me it had been given by my worthless parents. That insult stung, but I couldn’t suppress the happiness I felt inside me. My parents suddenly developed a conscience and sent me the only thing I ever wanted, a bike!

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Even though I was a newbie, and had to experience quite a lot bruises and scrapes. I soon learned how to ride with ease. How to enjoy the scenery while riding, and how to do simple tricks on a bike, like doing a wheelie, or driving on a downward slope without using my hands. I really loved that bike, and I would usually lose track of time when I rode. I would only come home when it was to dark to see anything in front of me.


If people were to ask me how far did I ride my bike, I probably wouldn’t have an answer since I rode It going to school which was at least 5 kilometers away. When It was time to go home, I would usually take the long route ( Come to think of it, I probably added another 3 kilometers!) since it gave me more pleasure and enjoyment. When I arrived home, it was usually to shouts and ceaseless tirades that I was stupid and useless, since I could not follow their instruction of being home before 4 pm. But I didn’t care, nothing gave me more pleasure than to be left alone. Just as long as I had my bike, I was happy.


In view of this, I would like to share some insights and ideas on how to ride a bike safely and enjoyably. Some of these suggestions are:

1. Always wear protective gear, like a helmet and, knee or shoulder pads.

We should be cautious because accidents can happen and statistics have shown that people who do not use these protective gear, are more prone to serious accidents than people who do.

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2. Adjust the seat so that the bike fits your size.

It would be easier and more convenient if you were to ride a bike that fits your size, since you can easily maneuver if you go out of control.

3. Pick a seat that doesn’t cause harm to your groin

Bike seats that fit you comfortably makes your ride more comfortable and enjoyable since it eases the unpleasantness that is felt if the bike seat is harder or bigger than what is meant for you.

4. Always start slowly

It would be best to heed this advice since your muscles need to get used to the strain of biking.

5. Dress for Comfort

Clothes that are made for biking could give your ride full enjoyment.

6. Wear Bright or reflective Clothes

This is for our safety since it would be hard for some drivers to see us if we do not heed this advice.

7. Be wary of all bike accessories

Brakes, gear shifts, should always be well maintained to avoid injury.

These are some tips which every biker should heed to guarantee safety. As I look at my son with his bike, I fondly remember the memories I had with mine.